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Privacy Policy

The Skyline Chiropractic and Sports Medicine website (“Site”) provides general information about the practice and the conditions treated by the providers. The following information outlines the Privacy Policy (“Policy”) and Site practices. Please note that any sites you may be redirected to or engage with from this Site are not included in this Policy. 

Requesting Appointments Online

In requesting appointments online, you voluntarily share your personal information including but not limited to your first and last name, email address, phone number, and type of insurance. This information is collected in order to contact you about scheduling an appointment. You are not consenting to a mailing list or subscription by providing this information. Your personal health information will not be stored or shared when requesting an appointment online. 

Subscription to Email Newsletters

To sign up for a newsletter or subscription service, you may be asked to provide more personal information, including but not limited to a birthday, email address, or phone number. Every subscription correspondence shall have an “unsubscribe” feature, which will allow you to discontinue receiving subscription-based emails. 

Other Collected Information

All websites collect information when you visit them. This Site collects information regarding the way you access the Site and the interactions you have on the Site. This information is collected automatically without any personal identifiers. The information is analyzed and broken down into statistics for our practice. Here’s some of what we can find out: 


  • The number of times our Site has been accessed 

  • The types of devices that are being used to access the Site

  • The types of apps that are being used to access the Site

  • IP addresses 

  • Which links are clicked on and how often

  • The number of phone calls we receive from the Site

  • If emails that we send from the Site are opened 

Sharing … Not Really Our Thing

At Skyline Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, we believe that treating patients respectfully is a top priority; however, we aren’t really into sharing when it comes to your information. While we discourage you sharing of any personal health information via email, we take every measure to ensure the practice complies with HIPAA requirements. Personal health information is not requested through any interaction with this Site. 


Any personally identifying information collected from our Site, including what you have voluntarily shared with us, will not be shared without your permission UNLESS:


  • State or Federal Law or Action (e.g. Subpoena, Warrant, Court Order, or other Law Enforcement Protocol) requires us to share information

  • A situation arises that would void patient/physician confidentiality

Access to Your Personal Information

Voluntarily or passively sharing information does not waive your right to access your information. Requests to change/update, or delete personal information may be made directly to our practice. After your request, additional information regarding applicable state and federal laws will be given to you, and a decision will be made within 30 days. Access, changes, and removal of information requests will be granted to the extent applicable laws permit. 


Information is not stored beyond a reasonable time necessary to conduct legitimate business, abide by state and federal law, and a period to prevent harm. 


Complaints regarding the inappropriate handling of personal data may be filed with the State Attorney General. 

Google Analytics

This Site uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service that Google, Inc. (“Google”) provides. Non-personal information including but not limited to location data, browser, IP address, and type of device is collected by Google to provide statistics about Site traffic. Collected information is stored in Google’s Data Centers with the exception of IP addresses and identifying personal information. You may opt out of Google Analytics by using various plug-ins. For more information, please refer to Google’s privacy policy.


Google Analytics provides valuable information to our practice because it helps us learn about how patients and potential patients are interacting with our Site.


Our Site uses cookies and various other measures to provide the best experience for our users. Cookies provide information about user preferences, other websites visited, and activity on the Site. In storing information such as authentication status, we try to customize your experience with the Site and prevent fraud. Unless you change the cookie settings, you are voluntarily agreeing to the usage of cookies by our Site and any of our business partners. Cookies may collect information such as geographic location, demographic information, IP address, mobile device type, and interactions with web pages. The more we know about our users, the better we can meet your needs on our Site. For more information, please visit


Skyline Chiropractic and Sports Medicine does not knowingly or intentionally collect or maintain personal information from children under the age of 13 without parental consent. Medical services are not advertised or targeted to children under the age of 13. In the event personal information of a child under the age of 13 is collected without verified parental consent, Skyline Chiropractic and Sports Medicine will take immediate action upon their knowledge to delete the information and inform the parents/guardians of the child. 

California Users

California law allows their residents to obtain a list of any third parties to whom information has been disclosed for marketing purposes in the prior year. Each request may be made once per calendar at no expense to the requestor.  


Reasonable attempts are made to keep your information safe, but like with so many things in life, there are no guarantees. By emailing the practice, voluntarily sharing information on this Site, or engaging with the Site you acknowledge that your information may be shared knowingly or unknowingly with third parties. Skyline Chiropractic and Sports Medicine does not warrant the security of your personal information that is voluntarily provided or passively collected. Information shared is “at your own risk.” 

Acceptance of this Policy

By voluntarily using this Site, you have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy and any changes that may be made from time to time as deemed fit by Skyline Chiropractic and Sports Medicine or required by law. 


From time to time, this Policy may change. We encourage you to visit this page regularly to check for changes. The date of the update will be reflected on this page. 

Third Party Rights

This Policy creates no enforceable rights by third parties.

Contact Us

To contact us regarding this policy, please contact us at:


Skyline Chiropractic and Sports Medicine
2253 Brodhead Rd.
Aliquippa Pennsylvania 15001
(724) 203-0783

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