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Some common sports injuries include sprains and strains.

Getting involved in sports or exercising is a great way to maintain one’s health and self-esteem; however, injuries or accidents can happen. There are many reasons for these setbacks, lack of knowledge about training or a specific sport, improper equipment, or even training too much. In many ways, sports injuries can be prevented. Proper conditioning, technique, and goal setting can all help in reaching your desired outcome.
The ligaments that hold a joint firmly in place become stretched or even torn when a sprain occurs. This typically takes place with an acute twisting or over-extending motion. Treatments for this type of injury include rest, ice, and dietary changes during the acute stage of the injury.
Following this stage, other treatment options are used such as manipulation of the joint to regain proper range of motion, rehabilitation, and cold laser therapy to speed and enhance recovery time. Strains are another common injury which occurs to muscles or tendons when they are placed under increased stretch. This typically happens when muscles are not properly warmed-up before exercise.
Overuse injuries are another common injury seen not only in sports and exercise but with repetitive motions. Tendonosis or tendonitis occurs in the tendon, the soft tissue connecting muscle with bone. The tendon becomes inflamed with repetitive use or improper mechanics. Examples include tennis elbow or golfers elbow.

A qualified sports practitioner can help keep the athlete’s body in proper balance to allow for maximum performance on and off the field. Dr. Zorn will help create a plan to help restore balance to your body and build strength over time.

Sports injuries vary in severity, but no matter what the injury seeking an expert opinion is always a good option to have. Contact Skyline Chiropractic & Sports Medicine today to make an appointment and take back your life – (724) 203-0783

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Stress fractures can also be considered overuse injuries. These can occur when the bone becomes fatigued from increased amounts of stress. Typically this fracture occurs in runners.


Sports injuries can also take place from abnormal spinal motion. Since sports are played in a linear field, throwing a ball straight at 90 mph, kicking a 40-yard field goal, or hitting a golf ball 300 yards, the torque needed to generate the force to perform these movements comes around the spinal axis. Excessive motions can cause aberrant motion in the joints and muscles to shorten.

Contact Skyline Chiropractic & Sports Medicine at (724) 203-0783 today to learn more about how chiropractic can help you recover and get back to your game.

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