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Narrowing of the spinal canal.

Spinal Stenosis or canal stenosis is a condition typically seen in patients in their 50s or older. This condition occurs when the canal enclosing the spinal cords begins to narrow. Abnormal motion, degeneration, or congenital anomalies can all lead to the narrowing of the spinal canal.
Pain or numbness can occur in the low back and legs on either one side or both. Most commonly the pain is felt when walking and gets better with rest. Also, sitting or standing in a flex position will often help alleviate the pain.

Spinal stenosis can be diagnosed through a history of symptoms and a physical exam.

Treatment for this condition generally follows a conservative approach including manipulation, stretching, and exercise.

Whitman et al.* showed that conservative treatment for lumbar spine stenosis resulted in a recovery for 79% of patients. A comparison between two physical therapy treatment programs for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: a randomized clinical trial.


More advanced conditions of spinal stenosis can require surgery, however, a course of conservative management is recommended since only those with more advanced cases of stenosis have responded with surgery.

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